Our Charity Mission:

Tech-Hungry is an innovative program designed to supply science and technology equipment to schools in remote areas of the world. The basis of the charities non-profit organizations program is to provide equipment including microscopes, physics kits, computers, chemistry sets and general science equipment to schools in nations that are less fortunate and unable to provide their school systems with this kind of equipment. By giving a child the opportunity to experience hands-on science experiments and exposing them to technology at a young age, it is our hope that these children will be inspired and compelled to pursue an education and career in science and technology. By this early introduction to technology, we want to make them hungry for technology. We want to help turn less technical countries into nations that have futures that lie in their children, children who will strive to become scientists, engineers, doctors and chemists.

Our Non Profit Organizations Statement:

This Science and technology charity is the key for any nation to move itself into a more prosperous and successful future for all its people. This can be achieved by allowing the children of a nation to experience basic science concepts first hand. We will be teaching the next generations to “fish” for themselves. “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach him to fish and you feed him for a life time.” We want these children to be their nations’ future problem solvers. They will learn and grow and become capable of solving their own problems and perhaps even begin tackling the world’s problems. We are Literally Changing the World. What nation will the next Albert Einstein come from? Will the next Louis Pasteur come from some remote village in South America? Will the first woman to step foot on Mars come from Africa? We want to spark these young minds in the hope that these sparks turn into blazing fires that will benefit entire nations. We want their hunger for technology to become so overwhelming and insatiable that it propels them to lead the world for the betterment of all mankind. Think of the first time a child looks into a microscope, where will their imagination take them. Imagine a ten year old child that understands solar power. How she can take this knowledge back to her home and give her family electricity for the first time. Let’s not just give hand outs to these children but let us give a hand up to the next generation. You can change the world. You can change the future.

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